About Sydney and trying to become an Aussie

I said « trying ». One does not simply eat a spoonful of Vegemite ! Believe me, I tried spreading it on a slice of bread as if it were « Nutella »… It is NOT !  But there are other ways to become an Aussie. You’ll find some typical Australian expressions while scrolling down to check out beautiful Sydney !

  1. Sydney Opera House

Facts: It was designed by a Danish architect and it opened in 1973 !




Short expressions:

  • Aussie: an Australian person
  • Avo: Avocado. Avo toast: a toast with smashed avocado on top.
  • Brekky / brekkie : breakfast. It’s brekkie time, let’s have an avo toast !
  • Mozzie: a mosquito. plural: mozzies !
  • Barbie: Barbecue ! Australians love it !

2. Sydney CBD (Central Business District) The city center

Facts: Sydney is the biggest city in Australia but it is NOT the capital city !

Town Hall
Sydney Tower
Cockatoos – they’re like pigeons in Australia


  • Mate: friend, dude. That’s how they call everyone in Australia. Hey Mate 🙂
  • Bludger: a lazy person.
  • Bogan: an uneducated person. (un cas social in French).

3. Bondi Beach / Manly Beach


> « Bondi » comes from the Aboriginal word that means “water breaking over rocks”.

> « Manly » (viril) was discovered by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1788. He saw the local Indigenous people and described them as strong and manly.




Other expressions:

  • woop-woop: a lost place. Where does he live ? Out in wood-woop
  • go walkabout: to be lost. I haven’t seen Simon, I think he’s gone walkabout !
  • a roo: a kangaroo. a Joey: a baby kangaroo.



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